12-5 ornaments

Each year the kids pick out an ornament (with our help) for the tree. We try to encourage them to pick something meaningful for that year… still a hard concept to grasp.

I took Avery to the Hallmark store. Did you know their ornaments are very pricey?!? I had no idea peole paid $15 to $45 on one ornament- crazy. I was telling Avery that maybe we should just look somewhere else, till I saw a basket of 2010 ornaments, might as well take a look. She found one in there! It’s a Santa Claus with a microphone and he sings “Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree” when the button is pushed.

She said it was because she "sang on stage with a microphone," like this Santa.

With my help Sawyer picked out a super hero ornament. When I showed it to him he was super excited and kept asking if he could put it on the tree NOW.

Sawyer's 2011 Christmas Ornament.
"That one is mine."

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