Another Long Weekend

Dan had this idea of re-doing our back patio area- grass. I thought this was kind of a large project, but he seemed to think it would be easy and we could do it oursleves. The plan was this weekend we would get the cement out and cleaned up and prep for grass. Next weekend we would lay the sod and have grass to play in the next weekend. But if you know my husband you know he is “get it done” guy- remember we did each bathroom in one weekend. So this morning Dan went and rented a truck to get our sod here, laud it out, then took a shower and took us to church.

Check out the process:

 Dan and his dad got the concrete broken up and put into the dumpster.
Dan had some “help” laying the sprinkler.
Finally some grass  to play in. Thanks Dan.

2 responses to “Another Long Weekend”

  1. Yes, Dan and his dad (your dad too) did all the work. Avery and I helped by staying out of the way!

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