like mother, like daughter

After Abby left to get haircut this afternoon, Avery was asking about getting her hair cut- “short, just like you, mom.” I was really surprised to hear this. Avery is our princess, and princesses have long hair. She has put up a fight every time we’ve taken her in for a trim- all 4 times!

I called the salon, David was available, so we went! She stuck to her guns the whole way there, “short like moms.”

Before pic. She's looking through a "short hair" magazine to pick out her new haircut.

She had enough to donate. She was really happy about that. She told me that she remembers a girl that she saw at the VC Fair in the summer that had no hair. She asked, “Do you think she’ll get the wig that they make with my hair?” Probably not, she was Asian!

She didn’t even flinch when it came to cutting the ponytail off. She was happy to see it when I held it up for her to see.

That is 12 inches of Avery "virgin" hair.
Here she is! She "just loves it!"

She was all smiles when she was done. She wanted to go home and show Dan right away. I love this 6 year old girl of ours.

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