gullible is the only word not in the dictionary

Today started out somewhat like a regular day… Our school district is having 1/2 days in the elementary schools for parent/teacher conferences. Abby’s mom (Abby is her “opposite twin”) picked Avery up from school and I met them at the mall for lunch. What a treat to have a girls lunch in a restaurant. The girls were so well behaved and the moms got to talk.

I took Abby and Avery to pick up Sawyer from preschool while Abby’s parents went to her p/t conference.
After we picked him up I wanted to give them a treat. Not telling them anything, I drove to a nearby shopping center that had fro yo, Subway and a Family Fun Cuts. They got excited, “Are we going to get yogurt?!?” I laughed, “No, we are all getting haircuts!” Abby was excited, she already had a plan for what she wanted. Avery whined, then got excited. Sawyer wanted to “paint” his hair pink- oh no!
As we crossed the parking lot, talking excitedly about how they wanted to get their haircut, I was thinking, “Seriously, what have I done?”
When we got to the sidewalk, Avery asked. “If we’re good in the haircut place, can we get yogurt afterwards?” LOL
I lifted my sunglasses, and got their attention, “Wait! You think I brought you here to get haircuts? No way, get in the yogurt store!”

Cool kids I get hang out with.

We each enjoyed our yogurt with all the yummy toppings. Abby’s mom came to pick her up and another adventure began….

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