Sawyer has finally decided he wants to say, “I loves you.” It’s so cute and wonderful to hear him say it. He doesn’t do it all the time, but he has said to each of us at different times. It’s so sweet.

Sawyer is surprising me each day with the things he tells me. The other day he found a toy “Robin” (from Batman). He asked me if it was his. Yes, it was. Then he told me that it wasn’t his because the letter that was on the toy wasn’t his name. Every “S” he sees, he thinks it’s his name. It’s funny. Since there was an “R” on Robin, it wasn’t his toy.

He is now loving all things orange. He likes to wear orange clothes, use orange forks and excitedly points everything that is orange. He’s loving all the pumpkins that are around right now. For lunch today he had whale crackers, cheddar cheese and yogurt- all orange!

He just got another haircut. He was so good sitting in the chair and waiting while he got sprayed, cut and shaved. He knew he looked handsome when he was all done and he did.

Sawyer is loving school. He asks to go just about everyday. He’s made a good friend named Logan.He talked about Logan everyday. He even asked to take Logan to Disneyland with us! He was singing a song about his friends, so I asked him who his best friend is- he answered with LOGAN. I told him that I’m his best friend, he thought about it and agreed!

We are excited that Sawyer is talking so much more and telling us stories and expressing his feelings. He is really a funny guy.

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