Toddler Time

Avery & I are going to the “toddler time” at the Aquatic Center on Friday. It’s from 11:15 to 12:45.  So bring your lunch, sunscreen and a suit of coarse.

Since school will have started in Ventura I am hoping it will pretty mellow.

Cost; adults $5, kids 3 and up $3, kids 2 and under FREE (hurray)

4 responses to “Toddler Time”

  1. on accounta everytime i look over there on the weekend it looks really crowded and we still haven’t been.

  2. Yeah weekends are a bit much over there- way too crowded. Next time you have a day off, that’s not a holiday for everyone else you must go check it out. You can take all the food you want in there too- no glass bottles though.

  3. We’ll be there tomorrow. FYI – it’s $6 at toddler time for one adult and up to 2 kids. I know it says $5 on the program, but both times I’ve gone, they’ve charged me $6. Just so you know…

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