stand tall

Avery has her own “sense of style.” She likes to dress in themes and names them; American girl (all in red, white & blue), pink girl (all pink), spy (black), flower girl (all in green with a pink flower headband). She also likes to wear sparkles, fluffy skirts and hats that “match.” I love that she is confident enough in herself to have her own style. Adults love to see her outfits, she gets comments almost everyday from an adult telling her she’s adorable or that they love her outfit. I wish it were the same when is comes to her peers. I’ve heard some mean comments and kids questions asking, “why would you wear that?”

Avery's first day of school outfit.

Just before school started she saw a girl from school. First thing out of her mouth was, “Why are you wearing that?” in a very nasty way. Thankfully her mom was there and told her that was really mean, and made apologize.

I was heartbroken on the first day of school when I overheard a girl, comment on her outfit. She asked Avery, “Why are you wearing that jacket? Why are you wearing that skirt? Why are you wearing that hat?” Avery just stood there, and didn’t say anything to her. What? I wanted to butt in and say “because she picked this outfit out and she likes it.” Any maybe say something mean about the clothes she was wearing- not really.

Pink girl

Later on, I asked her about it. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to care what the girls had said. I asked her what she thought she could say next time someone said something not-so-nice to her about her choice in clothes. She said, “I’ll tell them that I like my clothes and I am glamourous.” Good answer. I left it at that.

It would be so sad if she stopped dressing “her way” because some kids made her self conscious.

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