“Let me tell you two things that are like freedom. Swimming is like freedom, and drawing is like freedom too… oh and reading. Reading is like freedom.” Avery 8-9-11. This was unprompted, first thing in the morning. I was quite happy with this revelation.

Avery has somehow channeled the 80s.

The other day we were watching a show called “Extreme Couponing,” where people use coupons to buy and store enormous amounts of food and household items only spending a few pennies. She commented, “Do you think she really uses all that stuff? She should give it to food bank.”

We found "Avery" soda.

We were eating a cookie the other day and I asked her to clean up the crumbs. She asked me where the word crumb came from… hmmm… I told her how it was spelled, then she said, “Oh, so like a crumble.” Um… yes! Crumb is what happens when something crumbles.

cooling off with a new drink at the air show

In my opinion, Avery has had a great summer. This summer she wanted “go swimming a lot, and go on a few short trips.” She didn’t swim as much or as often as she would have liked, but we did get to go swimming a few times and even did one session of swim lessons. We did get a few “short trips” in too. We went to Hurricane Harbor (water park) & Magic Mountain (amusement park), that are about 45 miles away. We made is to Solvang, a Danish City about 70 miles away. She wants to go back and I do too, we didn’t have enough time there. We also made it to the local air show. Avery didn’t love it, but Sawyer did.

mini windmill in Solvang
flying high at the air show

Avery is ready and excited to start first grade. She’s a little nervous since she doesn’t know who will be in her class or who her teacher is, but she’ll find out soon enough and be fine. She has a “wish list” of a few kids who she hopes will be in her class.

This is my crazy girl. I love her.

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