New Number

I have finally convinced Dan to get rid our of our regular home phone. We were spending over $30 a month keeping that phone “alive.” Now Dan has set up some kind of online voice mail thing.

Our new number is; (805) 601-0096

Please make all the appropriate changes.

7 responses to “New Number”

  1. I don’t get it. Is this your “home” number now…just voice mail. so you still have your cell phone??? Or is this the only number?

  2. Actually I don’t know why we’ve posted on it because you guys you’re right, you would just call our cells. So I guess it really doesn’t concern anyone.

  3. We still have our cell phones this number is just our new “home” number. The number we use for businesses and stuff that want to call us, you know for people we don’t want calling our cell phones!
    It’s not just voice mail we can sctuallly pick up the call and talk too.

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