the beach

When we told avery we were going to the beach she thought we meant the beach at the ocean. She was a little upset, she wanted to go to the lake! After we explained that we were indeed going to the lake she was happy.

I was really happy that Sawyer got into the lake willingly and really liked it. He loved playing at “the beach.” He didn’t slip and go under one time.

Playing ball in the lake. Sawyer asked some people to use their ball, he and Dan played with that ball for over 30 minutes. It would float away, too deep for him to get it, and Avery would get it for him. It was nice to see her helping him. Doesn't happen often….
Feeding the ducks. A guy brought some old bread to feed the ducks and shared with us. Avery was truly feeding the ducks, while Sawyer was trying to hit the ducks with the bread, then chase them away.
Jumping into the lake. Sawyer spent a lot of time jumping off this ledge and he was insistent that one if us watch him each time. At first he landed on his feet, then he realized he could make a bigger splash if he landed on his bottom.
throwing rocks… he did this for hours. Which was fine, until it got too crowded! I don't think he actually hit anyone, but I didn't want to risk it. He then collected rocks in a bucket to dump in the water. Such a simple thing, he loved it.

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