to the mountains and back

We just got back from a fabulous vacation. We spent 5 days in the sequoias. It was a completely different trip that we had panned, but ended up being one of the best family trips so far. We drove up on Saturday and drove back on Wednesday. Wish we could have stayed longer, next time we will. There were things to do & see we didn’t get to on this trip.

Originally we planned on going with another family or two, but ended up that it was just us on this trip. Avery was disappointed, she really wanted to travel with her friends, but I am sure she had a good time anyway.

We stayed in my aunt’s cabin in Kings Canyon Nation Park, that is on Hume Lake Christian Camps. They have camps there year-round, lots of activities and stuff to do. In the summer they hold a middle school & high school camp (LOTS of kids) in main area of the camp. There is an elementary school camp too, but it’s off to the side, where the public cannot get to them.

We played in the lake, cooked, ate, walked a lot and just enjoyed ourselves…

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