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Happy Father’s Day
He does LOVE these kids….

All over FB people claim to have the “best dad,” but they don’t know that DAN is the best dad around! I couldn’t ask for anything different in a husband or father to my kids. One of the best decisions he ever made was to work for himself from home. He is there in the morning when they wake up, he takes Avery to school, we have lunch & dinner together just about every day. He’s available when Sawyer “needs” to show daddy something and takes a break to check it out. When Avery gets home from school she immediately reports to him to let him know if she had a good or bad day at school.

Avery made this at school.
"I love you daddy. I like it when you play with me. You are special."

Yesterday I took the kids out for the morning. It wasn’t in my plan but they ended up making a few more fathers day gifts- a “wallet” made out of paper and decorated at Lakeshore & a key chain that they decorated at Michael’s.

I bought Dan a few BBQ tools and a basket to grill veggies in. We are going to test them out tomorrow night.

We went out to dinner to a Japanese steak house. A place Dan has wanted to go back to for a long time, we just hadn't made it there. We all agreed- it was a fun show and good food.

Overall, I think Dan had a great day and felt loved and appreciated.


Happy Fathers Day to my dad too. He had a nice day in Boise- movie and steak dinner. Thank you for all you have done and all you do to support me and my family. We love you GRUMPY!!



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