“creepy” girl

Now that she’s 6, she’s growing a little more…

Since Avery lost her tooth she refers to herself as “creepy.” Like a jack-o-lantern is creepy, she is too since she’s missing a tooth. Strange girl!

She’s been moving on from wearing all pink & skirts too. Her favorite colors are now pink & black! She has only a few items of clothing that are black, but she wears them a whole lot now.

Today she even wore jeans to school and “real” shoes- not slip-ons.  She asked me to put her hair up in two ponytails, but not pulled through all the way, usually she requests that I do whatever is fastest with her hair.

my 6 year ol

Now to get her beyond the princess, fairy and unicorn stages…. nah, that won’t happen anytime soon. I guess I’ll embrace it!

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