summer…. finally!!

I’ve been waiting to announce that it’s… summer vacation!! AAHHH!

I asked Avery to tell me a few things she wanted to do this summer. Her answers were; to go swimming a lot, sadly we don’t have access to a pool, so I am not sure if a lot of swimming will be happening this summer. She wants to “go on a few short trips” to Disneyland and the Santa Monica Pier. Then she added, “maybe a long trip too, to where Lukas lives in Texas.” SM Pier we can do, Disneyland we can’t do- it’s too hot and our season passes are blacked out. Lukas lived in Killeen, Texas. Way too far away to drive to, but he’ll be here for a whole year very soon.

School starts again in 9 weeks. We have one trip planned, and a few camps for the kids. Other than that, we’ll just be hanging out, playing, taking a few day trips and relaxing a bit too.

Tonight we let the kids watch a short movie after dinner. A treat, since the TV never comes on after dinner around here. I just hope they sleep in tomorrow…

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