dland x 4

King Tritons Carousel @ California Adventure

Dan really wanted to take a vacation to Disneyland with all the fun perks- hotel, dinners out, a lot of “extras” we don’t usually do. He found some passes at Costco, $150 for 4 days + a $50 gift card. Avery has a season pass still and Sawyer is still free.

I thought, 4 days at Disneyland? Seriously? That does not sound like fun to me. Boy, was I wrong! 4 days was just right. We weren’t stressed and running from ride to ride, we had 4 days, we were able to go slow and enjoy it all.

We’ve never had  a fancy meal at Disneyland. This time we had brunch @ Ariel’s Grotto (CA), dinner @ The Trattoria (CA) and breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen (in Disneyland hotel). Each meal was pricey, but has perks, and Sawyer was free.

Sawyer on the "Toy Story Ride."
Ready for the train- Sawyer's favorite "ride."
Ready for the awesome lights show.

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