too windy…

This afternoon it was SO windy we couldn’t go to the park, like we usually do on Wednesdays- early release for Avery’s school. I didn’t want to go home either, it was too windy to play outside there too. I didn’t want to spend money either… so we went to Barnes & Noble. Avery loves going to the book store, and they have the train table back for Sawyer to play with.

Sawyer headed straight for the train table while Avery wandered around the kids section. In only a few minutes she had a stack of books she wanted to buy… I told her she could spend her money if she wanted to- $18. She did choose one book, “The Secret Garden” that came with a necklace. It was $6, a good buy IMO.

I also bought 2 games! I NEVER buy anything at Barnes & Noble- just too expensive. There was a table of 75% books and games. I bought a set of glitter Zoobs for $4 and a game called “Clever Castle” (looks like a Soduku type game) for $4.50. Better yet, I had a gift card, from who knows when, so I paid $4.65 for all three items!! I was happy.


We came home and still had an hour before Sawyer needed to go down for his nap and it was still way too windy to swing and play on the playground. I decided to get out the play-doh. We hadn’t gotten out that box in a while… all the play-doh was dried up and hard. Now what? We make more!! I mixed up the ingredients in a zip lock and let them mix it up. It was fun!!

Sawyer mixing his play-doh.
Avery made a boa constrictor.

By the time they were done and cleaned up it was fine time for Sawyer to take a nap. It ended up being a 2 and a half hour nap. Hurray!!

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