This morning I took Sawyer to his first eye appointment. I know, seems crazy to take a 2 year old to get his eyes checked when there’s no real reason too. I thought so too… but when I called to get the kids insurance set up the person I talked to encouraged me to take him in. I told her that he doesn’t really talk yet, how can they check his eyes? She went on and on how it’s so amazing  what they can see and determine…. I made the appointment.

Sawyer was excited to sit in the "dada" chair (it was a big chair)

Sawyer did fine. He got to sit in this huge chair- he wanted to touch all the big colorful buttons. The doctor turned on a show for him to watch while he checked his eyes, with a flashlight. He explained that he was looking behind his eyes. He said that everything looked good. Sawyer is a little near sighted, which is what they like to see in preschool aged kids, because as they develop their eyes become more near sighted… everything looked good.

I pray our kids get Dan’s eyes and teeth!

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