you just never know…

Sawyer has been surprising me so much lately.

He is using so many new words, and actually having conversations with him.

He constantly points out spigots, fountains, hoses, pipes, gutters and drains. Anything to do with water.

He loves to swing and go “high, high, high…”

When birds are flying overhead, he points and them and yell, “me, me go high too, me too.”

He knows what he wants, and lets everyone around him know too. He is so loud, but not to in a screaming mad way, he’s just telling us stuff in a loud way. Very annoying when we are at the library, it’s too early in the morning or in a restaurant…

I worry that I can understand what he’s saying but I question if others who don’t know him can figure it out.

stopping himself from screaming

It’s hard for me not to compare Avery and Sawyer. At this age Avery was… and he’s only able to… I know he’s a boy and just a different person. I’ve focused more on his speech and vocabulary, but I am realizing that not being able to say the words doesn’t matter. The other day I laid out a few flashcards that have different shapes on them, all in one color. I asked him where each shape was, and he got them all right. He knows his shapes! I had no idea, he knew all that! Moving on to colors…

He loves to build "high, high, high," then knock it all over.

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  1.  He is so much a little boy.  They don’t always tell you everything they know.  You just find it out as time goes on.  Enjoy!!!

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