Made it all the way there… and back!

Avery had a field trip to the zoo today. I wanted to go, but couldn’t go on the bus because I have Sawyer to bring too. So, I decided I would drive there. It’s about 36 miles away. Not a huge deal to most people, but it is for me. I decided to break it up.

I took Avery to school- left at 8am.

Drove to 8 miles to Vons. I know, wow, 8 miles, but it took me about 15 minutes to get there. Sawyer and I went in, went to the bathroom, and got a muffin and some water.

Drove about 15 miles to McDonald’s. Sawyer and I went in and got an iced coffee and an order of cinnamon melts. Sawyer loved the cinnamon melts!!

Then we got back on the road and drove the rest of the way to the zoo, 10 miles. That 10 miles took another 20 minutes- traffic.

I made it there- hurray! I was very happy, but a little worried about the driving back part.

We had fun at the zoo. We saw lots of animals and even got to ride the train. Another mom and I hung out with our 4 assigned kids (+Sawyer).

the girls enjoyed the gorilla
The penguins gave us a great show.
The best part of the trip….

We left the zoo at around 1. I was really hoping he wouldn’t fall asleep, so I kept rolling the windows up and down. I was planning on stopping at McDonald’s again, but felt good and awake, so I just kept going and going and made it all the way home! Somehow I was able to get Sawyer home and down for a nap and back to school by 2 to pick up Avery! Whew!

When I asked Avery what the best part of the whole day was…. she told me it was “riding on the real school bus.” Well, glad she made some memories!

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