New Couch… sort of…

Well, our new couch and chair were delivered this morning! I was really excited to get it all set up the way we imagined it. We just got our carpets cleaned, we threw stuff out we didn’t need… we were ready!
The delivery guys were grunting and sweating, getting the first part of the couch off the truck. They got it through the back door, they were taking the bubble wrap and tape off… it was the WRONG COLOR! Can you believe that? The couch only comes in two colors, a cream (way too light for us) and a dark taupe. Well, they sent us the cream one. They let us keep it until the new couch is delivered next Friday. Hmmm, can’t wait till it’s all put together!

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  1. Hey Sara, how did you hear about Candy & Neslie Fudge? Neslie’s boyfriend found your website when searching for Neslie’s name on the ineternet. They and their boyfreinds posted comments. I was just wondering who you knew that knew us?? I am their Mom. Have a good day! :o)

  2. guess michell hasn’t heard of a tagboard. bummer about the couch! guess it’s a good thing our new couch only came in one color!

  3. 😈 Pretend this is a friendly kitty…

    Hi my friend! sorry about your couch; what a let down. Where did you get it so I know to avoid that place in the future?
    Thanks for your comments on my blog too…. I am so excited for all the mommies… Addison is going to have so many friends to play with.

  4. We ordered the couch from Wickes. But after talking to customer service for a while, I found out it was a warehouse mistake!

  5. The couch is made of micro-suede. We did get the 7 year stain and rip warranty, they’ll come out and fix it for us messy people! The cat seems to be a bit freaked about the couch rite now. She is staying away!

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