insurance update

Got a call from Jazz (pharmaceutical co) to see if I wanted to order next months prescription. Yes, please! It’ll cost you $391. Huh? Why? Long story short(er)-

My health insurance will only pay $2500 yearly for prescriptions- period. So after (not even) 2 months, I will reach the $2500. I am worried- what if I get a UTI, or something that I need an antibiotic for? I’ll have to pay full price for it- hopefully there’s a generic!

I haven’t gotten the official word, but this is what I think will happen next. I’ll get part of next months prescription- enough to reach the $2500. After that, technically, I won’t have insurance so Jazz will give me the meds for FREE.

I hope to find out soon what will will happen…

Please pray I don’t get sick!

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