Easter Tree

It was a tradition when I was younger that we decorated an “Easter Tree” sometime during lent. I wanted to do the same thing with my kids. Last year I found the Easter ornaments on clearance- I took that as a sign to buy them and start next year.

It took me over a week to find pussy willow. I finally found some fake pussy willow at Michael’s. I guess we’ll be using the same tree year after year!

I found a vase to put it in and then found some small glass balls to hold it in place- sort of.

Avery and Sawyer really enjoyed decorating it. We talked about what Easter was about. At first Avery told us, “I love Easter. We need to be good so that the Easter Bunny will bring us chocolate eggs…” Huh? I asked her, “Seriously?” Then she told us, “Easter is when Jesus died on the cross for our sins…”

Easter Tree

We had to put it up high, so that certain little fingers don’t touch it, pull it, break it…


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