Farwell Katie

Katie Couric’s last day on “The Today Show.” She has been on the show for 15 years! They had a great farewell show (not goodbye) this morning.
She is now going to be on CBS.

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  1. I wrote the Today show last year to complain about Katie’s interviewing techniques. She was extrememly rude to these people who had just lost their kid and it pissed me off. I used to like her then I just didn’t care for her anymore. It helped that I didn’t have tv so I couldn’t watch it other than when I visited my mom in Indiana.
    Bon Voyage, Katie. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! hee hee

  2. thank god she is finally gone….maybe I’ll actually what the today show. I hated watching her so much I’ve refused to even watch the morning show. Did I mention I’m thankful she is gone…..there is something very very very annoying about her and her bad lipstick!

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