Happy St Patty’s Day

We didn’t really do much to celebrate, but we did all wear lots of green.  Avery informed me this morning that she won’t be eating any green food. Why? Because she doesn’t like any vegetables and I probably wouldn’t let her have any M&Ms. She’s right.

A leprechan came to visit Avery’s class this morning and left a pot of gold chocolate coins. She got two, and shared one with Sawyer.  Yesterday her class was “taught” how to draw a leprechaun. I think her’s came out pretty well.

Avery sees Sawyer as her leprechaun!
A cheery leprechaun. She needs to shave.

When we got home from school, we blew some bubbles, not green ones though- we’ve tried that and it didn’t work out very well!

more bubbles

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