counting by 2s

counting by 2s

Counting by 2s. What fun!! Avery & I did have fun with it. We started by coloring in the chart above- I had the purple crayon and Avery had the pink crayon. Then we red over it, alternating. Then she read it to me. She got the concept of it and now we play a “game” where we all go in order and say the number that comes next. It’s get more challenging the more people that play. It’s fun and easy and fast game to play in the car or before be.

We got some M&Ms too. After dinner I gave her 10 M&Ms to sort. She made 5 groups of 10, then we added them up- 1+ 3, 4+2, 6+3… I think she had her addition facts 0 to 10 down, but practice never hurts!!

Next up… 5s!!

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