It’s okay


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Not to worry Avery is one now and well over 20 pounds.

I forgot to add Avery’s new stats;

32 .25 inches long (if she grows the way she has been, and we double her height at age 2 she will be 6 foot 2 inches!) 100th percentile
22 pounds and 15.5 ounces (23 pounds), 75th percentile

Her noggin is 18.5 inches around

3 responses to “It’s okay”

  1. I’m sure that won’t stop people from trying to “give you advice” anyway. 🙂

    Don’t forget, there’s people out there who actually try to pass laws like making the carseat requirement 8 years old & 80 pounds. I’m not sure, but I think an 8 year old kid is at more risk riding in the carseat at that point, since he’s sure to get beat up (or at least a good wedgie) if his schoolmates ever see him doing it.

  2. they said that about bike helmets too, but everyone conforms now and the kids don’t even know what they’re missing. cover kids in bubble wrap!

  3. Is there an actual law about riding in the front seat?
    There are people who want kids to wear helmets while laing soccer…

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