Avery has a friend named Bella who is also in a TWI program, but at a different school. When they get together they sing the same songs in Spanish, it’s so cute. I look forward to them having secret conversations in Spanish, that I will have no idea what they are saying.

The other day Avery asked me what Bella’s name is in Spanish. I replied that at school they just call her Bella. Avery pointed out that she has the ‘double L’ in her name, “so is she called beya?” she asks me. I told her, “No they just call her Bella.” A few seconds later she asks me, “Do you think they call her campana?” Huh? I had to ask, “Why would they call her that? Her name is Bella.” I found out that campana means bell, as in ring a bell.

I had a to LOL!

one of the first pics I have of Bella & Avery
one of my fav pics of B&A.
most recent of B&A- ice skating

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