No Power

Dan and I came home Saturday evening at 8 and there was no power. In the past it has gone off for no more than an hour or so. We woke up Sunday morning- still no power. Good thing we have hot water from gas- so we were able to shower. At church Matt G said the power came on at 10:30. Ok good! Well, we came home from church- still no power. The top half of Todd Ranch had their power restored, of coarse we did not. The street was even blocked off.
We didn’t open the fridge or freezer- but we knew a lot of the stuff needed to be thrown away. We went out to dinner and came home Sunday evening at 7:30 and finally there was power! Monday I had to go back to the store to buy all the yogurt, milk and stuff like that, that we had to throw away.
Is there a way to have the power company pay for our new groceries?

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  1. Power Outage…

    Ventura according to my parents had power outages around the town but our place had no power for over 24 hours and it was horrible. It was weird to not have any internet, TV or any lights on Saturday night and we took advantage of it by going to bed ea…

  2. no i doubt it…its somewhere in the fine print when you sign up to have service with them. when levi was a baby we lost our power like that and all the pumped milk i had frozen…….which was like 5-10 bags was lost because it started to defrost!

  3. I would be pretty pissed if this had happened 6 months ago and I had gallons of frozen breast milk… I forgot to mention that I had just gone to the store on Friday to buy all that good stuff. At least our trash pick up day is Tuesday, so the stinky diary stuff didn’t sit outside for too long.

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