Sawyer’s Valentines turned out super cute. He made just a few for his friends at school (First Five). I found the idea on a blog follow, eighteen25. He really enjoyed passing them out.

Sawyer's Valentines

Avery wanted to make her own. Sounds good to me. When I got out our Valentine box, we found a bunch of pencils. So we checked online for a few ideas for homemade Valentines using pencils. We found a cute owl. We started early- she needed to make 23 for her class.

First she and I cut out the tear drop shape out of foam. Then I glued down the top part of each one. I had to use water bottles to weigh them down till they dried.

Next she glued on the eyes. She liked the HUGE eyes the best.

glueing on the eyeballs

After the glue had dried,  she glued on the beak.  Next came the hole punching to make holes for the pencils. Then came the hard (long) part, putting each kids name on the owls- 22 names.

Owl Valentines
ready to hand out Vday cards to friends

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