Sick Baby


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Avery is sick. She has a flu bug- high fever (up and down), no appetite, throwing up, sleeping a lot… poor baby. We can’t do much for her, but give her liquids and tylenol for the fever. The doctor says it shouldn’t last too long. I hope everyone else’ kids are healthy.

We had to change her sheets and give her a bath last night because she threw up, but didn’t complain about it, so I think she was covered for about an hour before I checked on her. Now her room STINKS. Half digested blueberry yogurt- ewe.

I am adding a “happy” picture of Avery to remind me and Dan that this will pass and she will be her old self again.

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  1. poor thing! throwing up is a pain, especially when they can’t tell you it’s coming. hope she’s better soon!

  2. Yeah, throwing up is about the worst. Especially when they can’t tell you that it’s going to happen and it ends up on you or their bed. I hope she’s better soon!

  3. Poor baby…she hasn’t had much fun this month. Now all her sickness will be out of her system so she can have a fun birthday! Hope you and Dan miss the bug.

  4. Well, Avery ended up throwing up just that one time. She was a little out of it through Sunday. Monday she was all better, chatting and happy again! Thanks for the prayers.

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