potty time

It’s been a few days and Sawyer is definitely peeing in the potty. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a one day event. I wasn’t planning on doing any potty training till we returned from our trip over the holidays and after we moved and got settled- March? Sawyer had other plans. He began pointing at the potty and pulling his pants down, I guess he was ready!

potty time

Every time he pees we give him an M&M. I think he’s figured out that if he doesn’t empty his bladder, he can pee more often and get more M&Ms. So, we need to move on to stickers and make a chart.

When we are home Sawyer is in his undies. He loves them- especially the ones with BUZZ on them!! He’s only had an accident once (the first time he wore undies), he stopped himself and finished his business in the toilet. Very exciting over here!

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