thanksgiving day

We had an “interesting” Thanksgiving to say the least. But we were together and that’s what’s most important! I do love my family.

Dan got to play golf in the morning, and played really well.  Then we went to his mom’s place for a Thanksgiving meal around 2. It just wasn’t what we expected…

I got to take Avery to see the new movie “Tangled.” We loved it!! There was no one there at 4pm, they were all having a feast with their families!

By the time it was over it past 6 and we were all hungry. It was tough finding a place that was open on Thanksgiving night! Marie Callendar’s was open- with a limited menu, two choices- turkey or ham. The meal was ok, but both kids were just too tired and we left ASAP.

Then I got to stand in line at Toys R Us with a few friends for some great deals. Then at The Disney Store for even better deals!!

Avery's card she made at school
accion de dia de gracias

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