American Girl

We somehow started getting the American Girl catalog…. Avery  loves looking through it. She started asking about getting about a year ago. I told her we would talk about it after she’s read the series. She decided she wanted an American Girl novel to be our next chapter book. I let her pick one out at the library. She chose Samantha from 1904.

We finished the first book, it was pretty good. She learned a lot of vocab (seamstress, spectacles, bloomers).

And she learned a bit about history, but it was mostly over her head- black people had to live on the other side of the tracks, she goes to an all-girls school in a house.

We got a new American Girl catalog (again) in the mail today. She skimmed it real quick and was quite upset that there was no Samantha doll in there. Fortunate for us!

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