We really like Halloween around here. What’s not to like? Dressing up and candy!! We ended up going to 6 Halloween parties over the 9 days leading up to Halloween.

Sawyer had a small class party at his First 5 class. He dressed up as Peter Pan. I didn’t get any pictures of that party.

Wednesday was the last day of ice skating. They asked the kids to dress up in costumes. Avery was a cat and Sawyer was a monkey. It was pretty cute!

kitty cat goes ice skating

On Thursday Avery and I organized a non-spooky Halloween party for her class. There was no school that week, so the turn out was pretty low (11 kids), but we had a lot of fun and made lots of crafts. Avery and Sawyer were pirates.

pirate at the park

Thursday evening we had Halloween party at a friends house down by the beach. Avery was a pirate again and Sawyer refused to wear a costume!

eating halloween mummies

On Friday evening the kids and I went to a Halloween party that was hosted by Avery’s scout leader. Sawyer & I were a cowboys and Avery was a princess.

princess Avery & flappe Ella

On Saturday night Dan and I were able to go to an adult Halloween party. We were Woody & Jesse from Toy Story. This is the only picture we can share from that night…

ready for the (adult) party

Sunday morning we went to church. Avery was a mermaid and Sawyer wore his Buzz costume for just a few minutes. Sunday evening we went to a friends house and went trick-or-treating. We were all cowboys. We came home with lots of candy!!

Halloween 2010

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