Dan totally “got” me!! I knew something was up, but I was clueless at the same time.

Dan told me to pack for one night. Bring “nice” stuff, bring a bathing suit… I also packed a bag for the kids, but he told me to pack their stuff in a different bag because their room wasn’t attached… huh?

Hints; I’ve never been there, we can drive there, I noticed his golf clubs in the trunk, we’ll be able to walk around.

On Tuesday morning we were packed and ready to go. I had to drop a costume off at a friends house first… we ended up leaving the kids there!! He had it all set up!! CRAZY!

We took off. I still had no idea where we were going… we went north on the freeway, then towards the 33… and I knew where we were going, but he wouldn’t admit it yet.

We had a nice (quiet) lunch in Ojai. Then we went to check in- OJAI VALLEY INN! Dan has golfed there a few times, and I used to lifeguard there, but staying there is a whole different story!!

In total we were there for 26 fabulous hours, just the two if us!! I got a massage & pedicure. Dan golfed twice. Hot tub. Dinner out in downtown Ojai. Bike ride.  And best of all, lots of one on one time with Dan. We haven’t been on a “date” just the two of us in over a year- lots changed all at once. We need to make time to go out more often!!

heading out to dinner- alone!!
bike ride

When we got back we went straight to pick up the kids. They were happy to see us, but had so much fun without us, they could have cared less we were back. Stinkers!! Our friends who watched them said they were perfect angels- classic. Thank you AH, you rock my world!!

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  1. Good for Dan for setting this up. I know you both enjoyed it! Bet the kids enjoyed a little down time, too. Dad

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