day 1 of stay-cation

Today was the first day of our stay-cation. We all slept in, that was nice!!

We went iceskating first thing in the morning. Thankfully our friend Susan came too. She is a great skater and skated with Avery while I tended to Sawyer. Avery loved it since Susan can skate backwards and fast!

After iceskating we warmed up outside and changed clothes since it was so nice out. We then hit the library. Then it was lunch time we so I let Avery pick the park to have our picnic. Then it was home and Sawyer took a great nap while Avery watched a Barbie movie and danced throughout the movie.

picnic at the park

In the afternoon I took the kids decked out in their costumes to Sears to get pictures taken. They were both so cooperative, it was wonderful. Check out their pictures HERE. They turned out cute. We came home to Dan making dinner- nice!!

The kids each decorated a Halloween sugar cookie and enjoyed them too.

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