Calling 911

This morning I was awaken by a crash at 8am! I ran to the window to see a car crashed into a parked car. I called 911 and went out to check on the driver. He was fine, walking around.
Our front door faces Ramelli- a busy street, used as an access to get to the freeway, so people go VERY FAST. This guy was going fast as well, he looked down to get something swerved and CRASH! He was going so fast that he can into a parked car (totalled it), that car in turn smashed into another car and another car. The driver is responsible for a total of 6 cars including his! The last two cars to get hit had their front wheels hiked up on the curb! It is now 11:15 and the two cars that were totalled are finally being towed away!
Drama in Todd Ranch!

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