one week off…

Avery has one week off for FALL BREAK. At first I was “ehh” about this whole fall break thing, but now that I have a kid in school, I think it’s great! We have lots planned for this upcoming week, let’s see how much we actually get done!! I feel like we have a second chance at summer. The weather is supposed to he nice all week… not counting on that though.

We are ready for our stay-cation!!

Our plans;

* halloween pictures @ the mall

* ice skating

* 3 halloween parties

* at least one trip to the library

* Disneyland!!

* fall craft stuff

* field trip to the bookstore

* breakfast out one morning

* picnic at the park

* baking

* relax and play

When I asked Avery what she wanted to do this week coming up, she told me “…go to a movie, Chuck E Cheese, Halloween parties, ice skating… and sleepin and relax.” Sounds good to me!!

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