Dinosaurs!! Crafts, snack, story & stuffing.

This craft turned out well. I had the kids paint a”background” with red, yellow and blue paint.  A few of the older kids (ages 4 and 5) painted volcanoes and mountains, while the younger kids (ages 2 and 3) just painted. While 3 kids painted, the other kids colored and decorated their dinosaurs with markers.  Then they glued the dinosaurs onto their backgrounds.

A's dinos are kissing with a rainbow in the background

After the craft, snack and story the fun part begins! Each kid got to stuff their own dinosaur. There were two dinos to pick from; green or orange. Every kid picked the green one (using up all the green ones), so Sawyer got an orange one. Sawyer had more fun with the fluff than actually stuffing the dinosaur.

Sawyer stuffing
filling out the birth certificate

Avery named her dinosaur friend, Dina- like the gal in the kitchen.

Rawwr!! Kids with their new friends.

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