VC Fair 2010

We got to the fair… eventually! We decided to go on “dollar day” and save $18 in entry fees, ($10 per adults, kids are free). It was a zoo!! It took us forever to find a place to park, outside the fair ground (inside was $10 to park). Then the line to buy a ticket and get into the fair was crazy. It took us 45 minutes to get in there. We did get in, and headed to the kiddie rides. We bought a sheet of 50 tickets for $20 before the fair started and Avery had earned 6 ride tickets (for any ride) through a “read and ride” program. That was plenty!! Sawyer was only able to ride on a few rides, since he’s not all enough yet for most of the rides, but he enjoyed the few he could ride.

In the 5 hours we were there, we were able to spend all our ride tickets, see the mama pig and her piglets, pet the horses, tractor pull, eat a few treats and see a lot of friends.

Sawyer’s favorite part was the chocolate gilato we got!

Avery’s favorite ride was this crazy, fast, spinny ride. We didn’t get any pictures of us on it (Avery and I rode it). Imagine an octopus type ride that spun and spun again, again really fast! I was nauseous when I got off, Avery was dizzy but wanted to go on again! Her 2nd favorite part was seeing the horses. We missed a lot of the show horses, they had mostly all gone home, but there were a few left for us to pet.

another spinny ride
safari train

Avery remembers going last year with grandpa. It was really sweet- she remembered the rides they went on and the petting zoo. It was one of the last outings we had with him.


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