Elvira came out to visit this afternoon. Avery has an “alter ego” that comes out every so often… we call her Elvira!

“Avery is gone now, she’ll be back later…” Elvira

I was teaching a few private lessons this afternoon. Having Elvira there was horrible! She was splashing Sawyer in the face (he hates that), splashing everyone (including the people that were dressed on the pool deck). She kept “racing” the kids in the lessons. She had to get out three times for a time-out, by the third time I told her to just get her towel. Then she started throwing her towel around, dragging it on the ground… then throwing it on Sawyer. Shower was worse… she was splashing all over, spraying Sawyer in the face (again), refused to rinse her hair, wash her body, then to get out!

Elvira, please do NOT come around here again. We don’t like you!!

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