New Floor & Set Up

What a Saturday we have had. Dan is on a role with these home improvements! Thursday he went to Cost Co and bought the stuff we needed. Today we cleared the room, took out carpet and put in the wood flooring. It looks great. All we need to do is buy some wood for the baseboards. We will probably buy them tomorrow morning (before church) and put them in in the afternoon! Dan decided that we needed to change the layout of the living room as well. So far, I like it., but let’s give it a few days.
Since we have done both bathrooms and the now the floor in the living room, we have a lot of trash! We had to wait till we had all the trash out of the house before getting rid of it all. Now, I can call on Monday about a dumpster. It is pretty gross to see all that trash, but it looks so good on the inside now.

6 responses to “New Floor & Set Up”

  1. I don’t know about you but it really is stressful. We should have a “we’re done” party after we get everything done. But, when are you really EVER done? Oh well. We’ll have a party anyway.

  2. my parents have been going for about five years now on their current house. i grew up in the winchester mystery house.

    that pile of boxes looks like it would be a lot of fun to jump into.

  3. Martha- you are right, it’s never over.
    NAS- You could jump into the boxes, but there are two sinks, carpets, counter tops… and a lot of other junk that could hurt!

  4. Don’t forget the broken glass. That reminds me that I need to fasten that mirror a little better Avery is sitting in front of.

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