My girl is 5

Today is Avery’s 5th birthday. I can still retell a step by step story of her birth day/early morning entry into the world. It was exciting!! Since Avery is now five. She told us that now she’s 5 she “can take off the training wheels on her bike.”

Avery, you sure give us a run for our money. You challenge us and drive us crazy too. At 5 years old you love to dress up in all sorts of outfits, play Barbies, write letters, watch movies, play games on the computer, sing songs (real or made up), be a weather girl, ride your scooter, set up tea parties and just use your imagination to the extreme. You love to have us read to you and you read to us.

You love Sawyer to a fault. He is mean to you (pulls your hair and pushes you out of the way), but you just keep on loving him and giving him hugs. You love to cook stuff in the kitchen with him. Not sure if he knows what you’re making, but you guys spend lots of time in the kitchen!

Happy Birthday Avery!!

We are ready for more adventures with you girlfriend!!

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