Princess in the Paper

I took the kids to Barnes & Noble for a “Princess Party.” There were three “real ballerinas” all in costume from the local ballet company. They showed the kids how to pirouette and a few other ballerina moves.

The ballet company will be performing Sleeping Beauty in May. Here Avery got a picture with all 3 ballerinas! How exciting!

princess ballerinas

There were 4 crafts to complete at this event! We only did 2 at the store, and brought 2 home. She made a pop-up stage, a book about princesses, a wand and a crown. That’s a lot of work.

There was a guy from the Ventura County Star taking pictures. Towards the end of the event, he approached me to find out her name, age and city she lives in because he got a great picture o her and he liked her expression. He said he was going to use in the paper the next day. How cool is that?!?

photo from VC Star

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