Noah’ Ark

We went to Skirball Cultural Center to see the Noah’s Ark Exhibit.  Every Thursday is a free day, you just have to make reservations way in advance.  Avery and I went 2 years ago with my parents. It was pretty much the same. We loaded up the van, actually stuffed it and headed to LA!!

the crew- except for Tori

The exhibit was divided up into 4 rooms. In the first room there were lots of animals made out of recycled materials- kitchen utensils, sports stuff, instruments. They were very creative! The next room was a room full of different artists take on the arc. Some were hands on and some were behind class. There was a huge collection of animal puppets. Sawyer liked the pig the best, if he could figure out where to put his hand!!

pig puppet
monkey time

The third room was the most fun. There was a whole set up of food, chairs and a table. There was an area to “make” food, prepare soup and serve the food on wooden plates. There was also an area around the perimeter that was made up of rope ladders and lots of climbing fun.

food fun
the kids in a cage- where they belong!!

In the fourth room was a crafting table. Each kid got an ark cut out of cardboard. There were lots of magazines to cut stuff out of to decorate it. It was fun.


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