Santa Barbara Zoo

We ventured out to the Santa Barbara Zoo this afternoon. This was Sawyer’s first trip there and he fully enjoyed it. His favorite animals were the penguins for sure. He wanted to jump in the water with them.

The lions weren’t there today but the gorillas were in full form. There was one that came over to poop by Avery & Tori. He kept looking at them and Avery didn’t like that at all, it freaked her out!

We played at the “new” playground- new to us. There’s a hill with fake grass on it, the kids can sit on cardboard or a paper bag and slide down. Very fun!!

We stayed till the zoo closed at 5, then headed over to another park to play for a while. Tori remembered going there when she was younger. We decided to become members of the zoo again. It cost the same amount as all 4 of us going to the zoo only two times! Somehow the SB Zoo got way pricey!

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