How come…

Ok, so I have had this happen to me a lot but this last week…

How come people talk about things (usually events) in front of other people who aren’t invited? Talk about making someone feel unimportant.
Are these people just clueless, or they just not care?
I know from other experiences that I am too sensitive, but come on…
Does this only happen to me? I doubt it!

12 responses to “How come…”

  1. It’s just inconsiderate.

    And most importantly, no wonder people thing there are “clicks”. I am not one of them but people get the impression of them because of instances like this all the time.

    I wonder…

  2. I want to add that it’s OK not be invited, it’s just the talking about it in front of others seems rude.

  3. usually when something like this happens to me, they just didn’t realize i wasn’t invited. i could see someone intentionally doing it if they (a) are feeling insecure and want to seem cool or (b) expect you to invite yourself and are offering up the “chance” by talking about it in front of you. then there’s the other situation where you would have no need to feel left out because it’s the wedding of someone you don’t even know. of course, i’m sure none of these things apply to whatever your situation is, i just wanted to spend more time being wireless! san dimas high football rules!!!

  4. I have admit I hate it too. But admit too that who (including myself) hasn’t done it innocently. But what I hate even more or the people that talk about something they did and with who to try and evoke anger or jealousy. It’s like they want you to know they did something you were not thought of to invite or weren’t cool enough. It’s like being high school again!

  5. The whole inviting yourself is bunk. Who does that? It only creates more uncomfortableness between the two. Even if they did it on purpose who could ever tell? And it just gives off the feeling: I don’t really care if your there or not because I didn’t put any effort into asking.

    What also sucks is, when your not invited to begin with and you bring it up after then they say, “oh you were invited, you should have come”. now that is shit.

  6. I’ve had that happen, with what I considered close friends. They were going on and on about there night and who was there and so on and then paused and said something along the lines of “I should have called you, I totally forget to invite you, oh well next time.”

    Makes ya feel really good. Hope you had a wonderful…bleeping time assholes!

    It like I said before. People only do this stuff to make you jealous. So I say “f’em” They aren’t people I want to hang with and I’m forgotten about because they found some “cooler” friends.

  7. I imagine that I sometimes do this, but it’s not likely seeing as how I never do anything worth doing or go anywhere worth going. I can therefore, with only the slightest hint of hypocracy say that all you braggarts can suck a fart out or my butt, or eat my poop (your choice). Ha! Then you can go back to your clique and tell them about the great time we had when you ate my poop and too bad they weren’t ivited! Double Ha!(BTW this rant is/was not aimed at anybody that has posted here as of yet)
    that is all

  8. i totally know what you mean! you have to think why the hell didn’t you invite me? or even worse you have someelse invite you! and then it looks like you are just invited cause you heard it through the vine and the person doing the oringal inviting doesn’t even know you are being invited and when they see you its a surprise. its like shit, why the hell didn’t i hear about it?

  9. I talked to one of my friends last weekend who had helped her coworker find and pick out wedding invitations, showed her the dresses she was thinking of, went through the flowers with her, went over what to have for the meal (ok you get the point) only to find out that when the invites were sent, she didn’t get one. The coworker wouldn’t look my friend in the eye after that and all but ignored her at work. Talk about being left out and let down. She helped her pick out everything!

  10. I think we have an especially difficult situation (those who call the Bridge their “Community”) becase there are so many things always going on and peeople are always wandering around handing out invitations to something. I still feel like we should all go back to sending invites and stop the “tell everyone you know” method. You know someone is gonna get left out.

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