check up

Took Sawyer in for his 18 month “well baby” check up today. He is doing WAY better since he got his antibiotics 3 weeks ago. Sawyer is now 19 1/2 months and doing great. He is gaining weight and growing taller too. He’s on the same “line” on the bell curve, so the doctor is happy.

His stats;

weight- 20 pounds 11 oz

height- 31 inches

He did get three shots. He didn’t like those, but survived.  He also got a fluoride varnish for his teeth. He didn’t like that either. I couldn’t give him food or drink for 30 minutes and no crunchy food for the rest of the day. For a kid who eats a lot of crackers & pretzels that was tough! We are now all caught up on shots till he’s two.

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