African Kids Choir

Avery and I went to see the African Orphans Kids Choir at Church of the Nations in downtown Oxnard. It was fabulous. I am so glad we went. We were fortunate enough to be in the third row.

This was a group of 10 orphans from Uganda. They sang & danced for about an hour. They sang some Christian songs and some native songs from Uganda. Avery really liked it. Her favorite part was when they danced. She wanted to go on stage with them, and I had to tell her NO. Her 2nd favorite part was when they sang and played their own instruments. They had a huge xylophone, a few hand drums, pan flutes and some kind of small stringed instrument.

best seat in the house

There was a chair facing backwards, in the front of us below the stage that was very inviting to Avery. She went and sat in it for a while backwards, then decided to turn it around. She had the best seat in the house for a while.

These kids are on a 10 month “tour.” So far they’ve been on the road for almost 7 months.

watching the dancers

The kids came down below the stage for a few dances. She was mesmoried when they came down to dance. Their outfits were really colorful and they had feather type things on the behinds so they when they danced they shook. They all had big smiles on their faces they whole time. You can tell they really enjoyed what they were doing.

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