loveable & snuggable

I found these two cute outfits for these two. They are pretty dorky but … Stacy and I are pretty corny! Avery’s says “loveable” and Rory’s says “snuggable.”How true on both accounts.
They were both cooperative and we got some cute pictures. They will both love looking at them when they are older- we hope.
Avery decided to suck on her toes… so did Rory!
A fun time!

6 responses to “loveable & snuggable”

  1. So are ya gonna try to go the arranged marriage route when these two youngins are of age? 🙂 They already make a cute little pair!!!!!!

  2. it won’t happen. they’ll grow up as brother and sister, the idea of being together will seem “gross.”

  3. My prediction is that they will go to different schools but get together for family functions. They will fall in love in 6th grade, but break up because their friends are teasing them. They will take each other to prom junior year “as friends”. Then sophmore year of college they will re-discover one another and fall in love. They will go on to produce grand-babies as cute as they are now.
    The End

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